1.1. This should give a clear picture of the project. It clearly specifies what the project ends up to and in what way this is going to help the end user.

2. Introduction
2.1. Here you write everything you want to write about your design. The process/ methodology of the whole system proposed should be mentioned in brief. For example, the technical details including the hardware & software to be used, supported by DFD’s / Flowcharts to explain the flow of the information, and anything else which one may want to add on.

3. Block Diagram
3.1. It can be a simple pencil diagram that you can take a photo of and upload. It should identify all of the major hardware/software systems involved and any communication between them.

4. Conclusion

4.1. The concluding remarks briefly describe innovations in the approach for implementing the Project, and other features like Design efficiency, usefulness and competitive advantage that make the system stand out from the rest.

5. The abstract will be judged on the basis of the following:
5.1. Creativity

5.2. Design efficiency

5.3. Number of Freescale products incorporated in the design

5.4. Technical complexity

5.5. Usefulness of application

5.6. Overall application rating

5.7. Environmental benefit potential for end use product

For more information on abstract submission and project guideline view official rules and regulations.